Guidelines to BBBR Appeals



The appeals function is exclusively to provide a mechanism for an individual player to appeal to the Registry where:

1) Disciplinary action has been applied by the Registry in relation to the individuals registration.

2) A player may appeal against the application of a Registry Rule where such application may be considered unreasonable or cause distress to the individual.


Grounds for appeal may include:



Travel difficulties

Medical, domestic, or family matters

The above list is not exclusive, however compelling reasons to revoke a Registry rule must be provided in order that the appeal be successful.

Appeals Committee

All appeals are considered by the Registry Appeals Committeee. This body is properly constituted within the Rules. The full text of the constitution may be veiwed in Appendix I. The Appeals Committee is elected annually at the BFBB AGM. The Committee is comprised of eleven individuals nominated largely from Brass Band Asociations.

Each appeal is usually considered by each member of the Committe individually, who may confer if necessary, or who may request further information if required. The result is determined by majority postal vote from the individuals who return their individual decision to the Registry & Office Manager who assumes the Role of Appeals Committee Secretary.