guidelines to the bbbr rules

The BBBR rules ensure a level playing field for everyone. Bands collectively are protected, as are individual players. The rule change procedure ensures a proper consultation process.

A few common areas of interpretation, and processes are expanded upon below:

Registration changes for a band can only be carried out by the band's Secretary (as defined within the Rules).

Cancelled cards

When a player leaves a band for any reason other than transfer/moving to a new band, the Secretary should cancel the registration of that player within a reasonable timescale (4 weeks). It is helpful for players to request cancellation directly to the Secretary, (prefrably in writing).

Players may not cancel their own registration directly with the Registry, they should request their band Secretary to do so. Players usually have the right to cancellation of registration after four (4) weeks of having given written notice to the band Secretary of their intent to leave.

If after four (4) weeks of giving written notice, a Secretary refuses to cancel the registration, the player should contact the Registry directly.

A new registration within twelve (12) months of cancellation of a previos registration will be treated as a new registration (ie. a new card will be issued) and will be regarded as a move. A maximum of two (2) moves/transfers or combination of the two are permitted within a twelve (12) month period.

transfering / moving to a new band

When registered players wish to move to a new band, the new band Secretary should deal with the transfer on their behalf. The new band Secretary should complete the transfer form by obtaining the necessary player and releasing band Secretary signature. This should then be posted to the Registry together with the player's current registration card.

A maximum of two (2) transfers / moves are permitted in any 12 month period.