bbbr RULE change procedure


1:All rule change proposals must be made in writing to the British Brass Band Registry.

2:All rule change requests must be accompanied by a full report containing a detailed study of the cause effect of the proposal, i.e. reasons for the proposal, and positive and negative impact. The report must be presented in a professional format, and must include the following:

a) Introduction: Brief introduction to the report
b) Findings: This must be factual only, and must not contain opinions or assumptions, i.e. references to problems must be supported by detailed factual examples of occurrences of the alleged problem.
c) Conclusion: This section should contain the conclusion based upon the facts of the findings and may contain assumption.
d) Recommendations: This should contain a detailed recommendation based upon the conclusion, including definitions of rules.

3:The proposal will be initially considered by the BBBR Line-Manager who will request analysis by the BBBR. The BBBR will produce written analysis of the proposal.

4:The proposal and response will then be considered by the BFBB Rules Action Group, prior to an Action group meeting. This group shall have the power to reject the proposal at this point if it is believed to be undesirable or impractical.

5:The Action Group will have the authority to ratify a change in instances where the change does not affect the ability of bands to register players. Decisions will be made by majority vote. The Registry-Line manager shall have a casting vote in the event of a tied vote. Where a proposal directly affects the ability of bands to register players, a proper band consultation process must be instantiated (as detailed in 6).

6:Where a rule change proposal affects the ability to register players, full consultation with all registered bands must be instantiated. This procedure must cater for a full postal vote. Each band shall have one (1) vote. A majority of not less than sixty (60) percent of respondents must be gained in order that a rule change can be accepted.